The blog has been quiet since I have been busy with personal stuff, moving into a new apartment etc. But the game is project is still going on!

I have been experiencing some glitches with my splitting / triangulation algorithm. At the moment I am testing the splitting code by splitting meshes with a randomly placed and oriented plane to pinpoint the cases where the errors occur (e.g. the split intersection cannot be triangulated, holes in meshes, etc.).

After the bug fixes I am hoping to move on into one of the following topics: breaking an armature with a plane, blood with GPU particles or implementing a dynamically controllable ragdoll character. So stay tuned 🙂

Dev blog!

Since The Incredible Machine, I’ve always been fascinated by games that simulate real life physics. For some twisted reason I also like games where you can cut, slice and crush your enemies in various ways (e.g. SOF and Carmageddon 2 to name a few). In Gang beasts you can control a ragdoll character and punch and throw other players around. However, it lacks the blood and gore 🙂

Last year I visited the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. One of the most interesting presentations (for me) there was held by Dennis Gustafsson. He talked about on how they implemented glass breaking physics and dynamically created meshes in the mobile game Smash Hit. This motivated me to make start a new game project where you can break stuff.

This blog is a development diary for the game. I try to post progress reports but also talk about some of the problems I face when implementing the game and how to I try to solve them.

Herp. vs. Derp (working title, maybe…) is a 1 vs 1 3rd person fighting game where you can control your players limbs separately (like in Gang Beasts or Octodad). You can also use weapons to wound your opponent or, if lucky, cut their limbs off in a spectacle of blood and agony.